Swissnex in Boston and New York

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  • Francesco Bortoluzzi

    Francesco Bortoluzzi

  • Andrea Albornoz

    Andrea Albornoz

  • AL


  • Hugo Masset

    Hugo Masset

  • Barbara Castro

    Barbara Castro

    Brazilian data artist and creative coder. Driven by body awareness and environment consciousness. Creative Director at Ambos&& Studio.

  • Best Vein Center

    Best Vein Center

    Boston Vein Care is Varicose Vein, Spider Vein, laser vein removal, vein removal surgery Wound Care treatments center Lowell NH Boston MA.

  • Johann Roduit

    Johann Roduit

    PhD in Bioethics • Founding Partner of Conexkt • Ethics at the Heart of Tech and Innovation •

  • Dario Rodighiero

    Dario Rodighiero

    Digital Humanist deeply versed in design practice. Researcher @metalabharvard and @snsf_ch fellow.

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